Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tuesday Tip on Tips!

I had seen this tip on my friend's blog a long time ago.  At the time I thought, what a good idea! Then I didn't do it, and the other day I got so frustrated with my lack of organization and my re-inkers that I remembered that tip...

So here is my tip on tips, via Susan Itell!

Re-inkers come in little bottles with a 1/4" tip on the top.  Looking down on them, you cannot tell what color each bottle is.  They all look the same.  So every time I needed one, I had to take each bottle out and read the label to find the right color.  Boo!

With a 1/4" hole punch, your scraps of cardstock, and mini glue dots you can quickly and easily label each bottle to tell the color by the tip - or top- of the bottle.  Here's what I mean ~

The 1/4" circle from your punch fits perfectly on a glue dot which then fits perfectly on the tip of the bottle.

See that?!!!  So easy now to quickly identify the one I want.  Hooray for organization!  Another thing that was happening was all my bottles were falling over in a cardboard box that I was storing them in. I know, I'm high-class, anyway...  I found this little plastic organizer box at Hobby Lobby for $1.99 and it is perfect for storing my re-inker bottles.

Do you buy re-inkers when you order your stamp pads?  I know it doesn't seem necessary at the time, as new pads are always juicy, but they do dry up with frequent use.  And another source of frustration is needing to re-ink, but not having the right color.  They are so inexpensive - $3.25 per bottle.  The proper name is Classic Stampin' Ink Refills.  If you've never bought any, and you want to order an entire color collection, you can get 10 bottles for $27.50.  That's $2.75 per bottle. I have ordered them as I need them, but now I am building my supply up with a few each order that I put in.

And that's my tip on tips!  I hope you find it useful!

Have fun stamping!


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