Saturday, July 22, 2017

Stamped & Glazed Canvases & Cards!

Here is another amazing project for Craft Project Central by designer Michelle Wecksler ~

Stamping supplies and art supplies can be married together to create some beautiful and original pieces of art!  Let’s get your art flowing in this tutorial by combining your stamps and ink with gesso and glazing liquid!  In this tutorial you will learn how to use stamps and some of the lids from your stamping supplies to create amazing texture on canvases.  You will also learn how to create original works of textured art on Watercolor Paper to decorate your card fronts.  These techniques are fun for adults and children alike! Let’s get your art flowing!

To get the instructions, simply subscribe to July, or select one of the 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscription packages that include July. You’ll also be eligible for a bonus project if you select a subscription package.
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  1. These cards are amazing and I bet in person they are even better! To me, this IS a work of art and there is nothing else needed....just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!